Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Fillings?

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Fillings?

December 1, 2022

Dental fillings are restorations for permanently damaged teeth from cavities, chips, fractures, et cetera. Children are significantly prone to tooth decay and cavities besides getting their teeth chipped or fractured when indulging in playful activities. Adults involved in accidents or playing sports, neglecting dental hygiene to invite infections in their mouth, or biting on hard foods can also become susceptible to receiving fillers to restore tooth damage. Even seniors with damage to their natural teeth require fillings for restorations. Therefore everyone qualifies for dental fillings regardless of age or ethnicity.

Whether you have your teeth affected by tooth decay with cavities developing in them to create permanent damage or chipping or breaking your teeth from impacts on your mouth, the optimal solution to restore teeth is to have teeth fillings from the dentist nearby to prevent additional dental damage.

The cavities in your teeth permit your mouth bacteria to penetrate deeper until they reach the tooth’s soft core, the dental pulp. To prevent the microorganisms from creating additional damage, you must receive dental fillings in Coopersburg, PA, to prevent the cavity from expanding and potentially costing you your tooth.

What Is the Procedure to Get Dental Fillings?

The process of getting dental fillings varies depending on whether you have cavities in your teeth or have suffered chips or breaks and want to ensure they don’t impact your smile.

If you have cavities in your teeth, you might need dental fillers suitable for where the damage occurred after getting the tooth drilled, cleaned, and disinfected by the dentist in Coopersburg. The drilling process might cause discomfort, but the dentist gives you local anesthesia to numb the tooth and sounding gums before working in your mouth. After cleaning your tooth, they fill the hollow space using the filling material of your choice to close the permanent damage.

What Kinds of Dental Fillers Can You Get?

Various materials help make dental fillers, including silver amalgam, gold, composite resin, porcelain, and glass ionomer.

Metal fillings from silver amalgam and gold are generally recommended for the molars because they are durable and last for over 15 years. However, the fillers are not aesthetically pleasing and while silver amalgam is affordable gold is expensive and requires multiple dentist visits to restore your tooth.

If you have cavities on an anterior tooth the dentist suggests you have tooth-colored composite resin fillings helpful to fix teeth within a few minutes without needing multiple visits.

When getting dental fillings for cavities, it helps if you discuss your preferences, budget, and insurance with the Coopersburg dentist and request suggestions for fillers best suited for the damage in your mouth. Trying to determine by yourself can result in errors that might impact your smile or cause you to select a material unsuitable for your needs.

Why Do You Need Fillers for Chips and Breaks in Teeth?

When you chip or break your tooth from impacts on your mouth or by biting complex foods, the broken part of your tooth doesn’t regenerate because it is incapable of doing so. The openings in the tooth become breeding grounds for food particles and debris to remain trapped inviting your mouth bacteria to feast on them and create more damage.

You must have the tooth restored by visiting the Coopersburg dentist and getting them to examine your teeth to provide appropriate fillers to fix your tooth. Chips and breaks do not require drilling or anesthesia because the dentist merely applies tooth-colored composite resin over the damage and hardens it will curing light. After getting the fillers, you can continue with your life, remembering that the filling material only protects your teeth for so long and not more.

If metal fillings remain in your teeth for over 15 years, tooth-colored composite resin fillings have a lifespan of between five to seven years. Therefore whether you have tooth damage from cavities or impacts on your mouth, you must ensure you care for your dental health and fillers by maintaining them as suggested by the dentist. However, caring for your restored teeth isn’t a significant challenge. It requires brushing twice daily, flossing once, refraining from sugary and starchy foods, and most importantly, getting six monthly oral prophylaxis from the dentist to check on the fillings and your dental health.

If you have tooth decay or damage to your teeth from impacts on your mouth Coopersburg Dental provides appropriate dental fillers to ensure they fix your tooth regardless of age. Therefore getting the damage repaired at the earliest from the practice benefits you and your dental health.