Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Coopersburg, PA

Dental exams and cleanings are a regular part of maintaining good oral health. At Coopersburg Dental we create a relaxing and caring environment for all of our patients who come in for dental exams and cleanings in Coopersburg, PA. Dr. Mary Cresseveur-Reed is committed to teaching all patients the best practices to care for their teeth.

We believe that oral care is a lifelong process at Coopersburg Dental and we work with patients of all ages. Regular exams and cleanings are preventative care and can catch problems before they develop into something serious.

Dr. Mary Cresseveur-Reed works with advanced technology to clean teeth and prevent problems before they happen. We will work with every patient to find the best way to maintain good oral health at every visit.

What are Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Exams and cleanings are typically scheduled for every six months for a bi-annual visit. When looking for exams and cleaning in Coopersburg, PA, you want a dentist who can clean your mouth, catch problems before they start, and teach you how to care for and treat your mouth. Oral needs change as you age and a dentist should be able to provide care at any age.

Dr. Mary Cresseveur-Reed knows that no two mouths are the same and every patient requires individual care to have the best smile. From the first visit on, we will work with you to find the treatments and care that your mouth requires. As your needs change, we will work with you to develop the best plan to address those changing needs.

What Happens During Dental Exams and Cleaning?

When looking at exams and cleanings near you, you will want to know what to expect. Though individual treatment may vary depending on your needs, you can expect the following to happen during your visit

  • Fluoride rinse
  • X-ray
  • Plaque removal
  • Water flossing

A dentist near you can do all of this and more. Keep your oral health strong with exams and cleanings at Coopersburg Dental. Schedule a meeting with us to meet with Dr. Mary Cresseveur-Reed and ensure your teeth stay healthy for many years.

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