Reclaiming the Confidence of a Full Smile with Tooth Bridges

Reclaiming the Confidence of a Full Smile with Tooth Bridges

May 1, 2023

One of the first things we notice while speaking to someone is their smile. To make a good first impression, smiling attractively and confidently is crucial. Does dental decay make you hide your smile? If yes, the best way to regain your smile is with a dental bridge in Coopersburg, PA. The bridges help to close up the spaces left by one or more missing teeth. As you know, having a full set of teeth gives you an unmatched sense of confidence.

What is Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge effectively “bridges” the spaces between the remaining teeth when you have one or more lost teeth. It consists of a false tooth cemented in place using crowns affixed to the teeth next to the missing one.

Traditional dental bridges employ crowns on both sides of the false teeth, whereas cantilever bridges only use a single side of the caps. When there is only one natural tooth next to the gap, it’s helpful.

Reasons Why You Would Need Dental Bridges

Are you dissatisfied with the look of your teeth? Check out the following reasons for restoring your smile with a tooth bridge:

Replace Missing Teeth

The adjacent teeth may gradually shift into the space left by the lost tooth. It alters how someone chews. Dental bridges replace the missing tooth to address this issue.

Restore Speech

Because bridges are linked to neighboring teeth and are not detachable, the majority of patients do not encounter speaking or eating problems.

Reclaim Dental Aesthetic

A fixed bridge replaces missing teeth and restores your smile to perfect condition.

Gum Diseases

You may be more susceptible to gum disease if you have spaces between your teeth. In the crevices between your teeth, gum disease-causing bacteria flourish. It may result in serious issues, including losing the remaining teeth and jaw bone degradation.

Eat the Foods You Love

If you are missing teeth, many different types of food, especially chewy and crunchy delicacies might be challenging to eat. When there are spaces between your teeth, your gums get exposed to food. As you know, missing teeth cause pain while chewing food. Therefore, you may stop eating your favorite foods if it becomes too painful.

Breathe Easier

Sometimes, people find it more challenging to breathe when their mouth anatomy changes. Your bite will not align properly if you are missing teeth. If you already have lung conditions like asthma, a change in your face’s structure caused by a loss of teeth can affect your airways.

Restore Your Face Shape

A full set of teeth serves many purposes than just enabling a stunning smile. Your lips sit on your front teeth. They will naturally turn inward when your front teeth fall out. It changes the natural contour of your face.

Due to these problems, you can appear older than you are actually. Dental bridges make you appear more youthful, feel more like yourself, and keep your jaw in good condition.

Bone Loss in the Jaw

Jaw bone loss is one of the main issues associated with tooth loss. The jaw bone in your mouth begins to weaken when the teeth are gone. Your remaining teeth will become less stable. Also, you will experience issues with jaw alignment. The best option for recovering from this challenging issue is to find the top dental specialists.

Crooked Teeth

A lost tooth provides uneven pressure on the surrounding teeth, causing them to curve inward. It may result in misaligned teeth and jaw pain. Sometimes, gaps brought on by missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift incorrectly. It causes problems with tooth alignment.

Big Smiles

When your mouth is full of teeth, you will enjoy a beautiful grin. No matter how long you’ve lived with gaps and missing teeth, our staff enjoys creating dental bridges to restore smiles because they how beautiful your new smile is.

Call Our Expert Now for a Bridge

End your suffering from speech or eating difficulties and tooth loss with a bridge. A beautiful smile can open the door to a prosperous future. It can help you make a good first impression, gain confidence, and feel better about yourself.

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