Is Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Effective?

Is Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Effective?

September 1, 2022

Crookedness and misalignment of teeth not just affect the appearance but also how well you clean your teeth. Teeth aligners are a speedy and safe method to get straight teeth. These see-through devices slowly alter the position of your teeth in much less time than the traditional braces. A lot of orthodontists recommend the device in just mild to moderate cases. When you wear the plastic aligner as per the treatment plan, it brings real transformation. Let us find out whether this orthodontic treatment is effective like braces.

How Does Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Invisalign in Coopersburg, PA uses a system of see-through aligners. They are tailored depending on the computer-generated impressions and pictures of your teeth. It aligns teeth with a series of molds across a series of months. This forces the teeth to shift into an improved position.

Invisalign is made using BPA-free plastic. Also, the treatment time differs depending on your particular cosmetic goals and bite problems. The dentist offers a new aligner set every week throughout your treatment. Since Invisalign plastic aligner is virtually invisible, no one will be able to spot it in your mouth.

What Dental Problems Can It Address?

Invisalign aligners are effective in fixing the following problems.


A crossbite refers to the misalignment of lower and upper jaws. It not just leads to discomfort but also more serious dental problems later on. Invisalign can help you fix the crossbite effectively.


An overbite occurs when upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. It can lead to irritation of the gums, teeth, or tongue. A clear aligner can help you fix an overbite problem in no time.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth occur when there is not enough space for the teeth to fit well. This results in twisting or overlapping of teeth. It also makes it tough to floss and brush. Invisalign may help you correct this condition.

Spaces Between Teeth

Invisalign aligners can address the most common types of gapped teeth. It results in soreness or tenderness in the gums or gum disease. Bigger spaces take a long time to address. In this case, you need to wear the device for about two years.

Open Bite

Open bite occurs when the bottom and top teeth rows fail to touch each other fully while you shut the mouth. Invisalign experts will help you correct your open bite problem.


Invisalign aligners move teeth and jaw gently to eradicate the underbite issue. It occurs when you shut down your mouth and the lower front teeth are in the front of your upper teeth.

Pros of Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

Let’s discover the advantages of Invisalign:

Virtually Invisible

Invisalign is a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment. Since it uses see-through and thin plastic, most individuals won’t even notice it.

Reduces Orthodontic Emergencies

Each Invisalign plastic aligner is robust. Thus, you don’t need to be concerned about the breakage, which means zero emergency dental visits.

Makes Dental Hygiene Simpler

Since aligners are removable, it makes maintaining dental hygiene simpler. You can clean your device using a soft-bristled brush or immerse it in a cleaning solution specially manufactured to disinfect aligners.

You Spend Minimal Time at the Dental Office 

Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign teeth straightening visits are quicker. Since no wire tightening is included, you only require a follow-up visit every six weeks.

Covered by Most Dental Insurance Plans

The majority of dental insurance providers cover Invisalign plastic aligners. Call the manager to get the benefits. But if the insurance plan fails to include the Invisalign, use HSA or FSA funds to reduce the treatment price.

Is Invisalign Effective?

Invisalign is as effective as conventional metal braces for adults and teens that desire a good bite and a straighter smile. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art SmartTrack® material that allows more controlled movements of the tooth.

Invisalign aligners treatment takes much less time to show results than traditional braces. Numerous patients wear it for 12-18 months and get impressed with the outcome after the treatment finishes.

Is Invisalign Treatment Right Fit for You?

When considering an Invisalign aligner at Coopersburg Dental, you must consider the factors like your dental hygiene, orthodontic problems, and lifestyle. You must also follow a 20 to 22-hour-per-day routine.