Facts You Should Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

Facts You Should Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

November 1, 2022

Are you looking to rejuvenate your smile by covering dental imperfections impacting it? Eventually, you can have the desired smile by getting porcelain veneers to help cover the dental flaws and display a perfect smile to everyone around you.

If you think getting veneers is an excellent idea, you can consider getting a shell or two or covering all your top front eight teeth to have a symmetrical smile. However, don’t you think you should understand the facts of getting porcelain veneers before rushing to dental veneers in Coopersburg, PA, requesting enhancements to your smile with these excellent and customized shells that put you in the celebrity league?

This article details some facts about porcelain surfaces you might never have heard before to make you aware of what you are getting into when choosing these surfaces for your teeth. We suggest that you continue reading to ensure you make an informed decision.

Dental Veneers Explained

Dental veneers are slimy shells made of porcelain, composite resin, and laminates to help cover dental flaws on your front teeth. You can choose to display veneer teeth by covering all the anterior teeth or decide on having one or two veneers on damaged teeth that impact your smile. However, the material you choose determines the cost and the intensity of the procedure.

If you prefer porcelain shells, you must prepare for two separate appointments with the Coopersburg dentist and endure temporary veneers over your teeth for three weeks until the practice gets your customized surfaces fabricated from the dental laboratory. You can have the personalized shells bonded over your prepared teeth three weeks later, hiding your dental defects to show a beautiful smile. Porcelain shells stay on your teeth for about two decades with proper care but will cost you approximately $ 2200 per tooth.

Composite resin veneers and laminates are relatively affordable but do not have the durability of porcelain shells and require replacements every five to seven years. In addition, unlike porcelain, composite resin and laminates are susceptible to staining and require you to limit your consumption of staining foods and beverages after having them on your teeth.

Veneers Are Not Suitable for Everyone

Dental veneers customized of porcelain shells are not suitable for everyone until they complete other dental work. For example, if you have significant gaps between your teeth, the veneers might not be ideal unless you receive orthodontic treatment to correct the gaps before getting veneers over your teeth. In addition, if you have dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease, the Coopersburg dentist suggests you have the conditions treated before getting veneers on your teeth. However, if you cannot get veneers, you might be eligible for alternative treatments to improve the looks of your teeth.

The lifespan of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are not a temporary restoration and remain on your teeth for approximately two decades after you receive them from the dentist. Therefore, if you think you no longer want them later, you must return to the dentist to have them removed and replaced with similar surfaces made of porcelain. In addition, you cannot consider getting composite resin or laminates on your teeth because the tooth enamel removed before the placement does not regenerate, making it imperative to have them on your teeth forever.

Dental Veneers Can Chip or Crack

The veneers bonded to your teeth are artificial restorations attached to the front surfaces. Therefore they remain vulnerable to chipping and cracking if you indulge in harmful mouth-related habits like chewing on complex and chewy foods, biting fingernails, and opening packages with your front teeth. In addition, the damaged veneers are challenging to repair and need replacements at high prices from the providing dentist. Therefore you must exercise care with your veneer teeth to ensure you don’t need frequent replacements requiring multiple appointments with dentists.

Dental Veneers Not Covered by Insurance Providers

Please do not assume your dental insurance provider will reimburse the costs of veneers because it is an aesthetic procedure not covered by most dental insurance providers. Therefore you must prepare to invest considerably in your smile without expecting help from your insurance provider.

You can determine whether dental veneers are the best choice to enhance the looks of your teeth and smile after understanding the facts before getting these shells on your teeth. If you think you can endure the above, Coopersburg Dental provides the best dental veneers in the region attached by experienced cosmetic dentists. Kindly visit this practice to get your teeth prepared and the customized shells created for placement over your teeth today.